The Black Eagle Kennel Klub is looking for a new logo.

We thought we’d throw it out to you – the community that has supported us over these last 8 years – to help design the symbol that will represent you in the future.

We are offering a $100 cash prize to the winning logo! The contest will close on Jan 31, 2017.

1. All logo designs must be submitted in a digital format. Vector files are preferred but .psd, .png and .jpeg files are acceptable.

2. Logos must be sent to along with your full name and contact information.

3. All applicant must have their image submitted by Jan 31, 2017 at 6:00pm in order to be eligible.

4. The winning logo will be selected by Argo, Timbehr and Ego after the due date.

5. The Black Eagle Kennel Klub will have all rights to the selected logo. The BEKK will also have all rights to reproduce and sell the logo in the future.

The logo will appear on our new membership cards, Klub banner,  website, and on T-shirts.

Here’s your chance to use your creative puppy powers for profit & prominence!!

BEKK Membership Cards

The Black Eagle Kennel Klub is preparing new membership cards.

The new cards will be plastic and will include a photograph of the member’s face (hoods/masks will not be permitted).  For discretion, the card will only say “BEKK Member” and will not include any other information beyond an expiry date.

We are working with our sponsors to bring our members some additional benefits to carrying a membership card.  Northbound Leather has for years offered us a 15% discount on their stock merchandise, and we hope they will continue to do so.  I will meet with them soon to confirm the details.

The Men’s Room has already offered BEKK members a 15% discount with the card.  I will approach our other sponsors and update you all once meetings have occurred.  Please note that in order to take advantage of BEKK membership benefits, you must provide your phone number and email address for our sponsors’ databases.

Membership photos will be taken soon.  Membership cards will ONLY be given to pups & handlers who pick them up in person at BEKK events.  Cards will NOT be mailed or sent electronically.

Once all the details and dates are confirmed, we’ll fill you in.

MANY thanks to our sponsors!!!  Please remember to support the businesses who support us!


Pup Night Schedule Change

Last week I presented the BEKK Survey results to the management at the Black Eagle Toronto.  Of the 60 respondents, more than 2/3 said that they preferred to hold Pup Nights on Saturdays instead of on Thursdays.

I have just been informed that the Black Eagle Toronto is permanently moving Pup Nights to the 3rd Saturday of every month, beginning Saturday 19 November 2016.

Our monthly pup mosh & social will begin PROMPTLY at 6:00pm because we’ll need to be packed up, cleaned up, and out of the space by 9:00 at the absolute latest.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey.


The Black Eagle Kennel Klub is conducting a very short survey.  Its primary purpose is to decide whether or not we should look into permanently switching Pup Nights from the 2nd Thursday of each month to a Saturday.

The survey is only 5 quick questions, and you can take it at

Your input is important to us, so please take a minute or two to complete this survey.




15 October 2016

6:00pm to 9:00pm

What started with one pup (Argo) and one handler (Sir Dart) has now grown to one of the biggest monthly pup events in North America, and quite possibly the world. Come out and help us celebrate 8 years of Pup Nights at The Black Eagle Toronto!

There will be a large monitored pup mosh area with separate wrestling and socializing areas. There will also be a prize draw with free raffle tickets for everyone who shows up in pup gear.

This event is open to pups, handlers, and spectators of *ALL* genders, sexualities, and experience levels. There is no cover charge and no dress code (unless you wish to play with the pups, then appropriate dress or gear is required). A $2.00 garment check will be available for anyone who wants to change into pup gear or simply check their coats. All proceeds from the garment check help pay for Kennel Klub operating costs and its annual donation of a $400 travel fund for the Toronto Puppy titleholder (if the titleholder is a member in good standing of the BEKK).

Come out and see why Puppy Play has become so popular…or at least to see a bunch of mostly to fully naked people on all fours humping, sniffing, licking, and wrestling one another.

Come to think of it…perhaps THAT is why it’s so popular.


Kinky n’ Queer Update

Photographer and Grumpy-Dog Paul Argo will be selling these photos at Kinky n’ Queer:


Each 8″x10″ photo will be printed on high-quality photo paper and matted inside an 11″x14″ frame.

All profits from the “SIlent Auction” sale of these photos (everything above the $20 cost of printing & framing each print) will be donated to the charity.

Come out and support Pup Benny’s event and his charity of choice

Kinky n’ Queer – 24 September 2016

It’s back, and it’s FREE!

Toronto Puppy 2015 Pup Benny presents “Kinky n’ Queer”!

Kinky n’ Queer is a one night gallery and market for local erotic art and kinky crafts. Come have a drink, bid on some puppy art, get your boots blacked, and enjoy demos from some very skilled BDSM professionals. You may even win some sexy prizes. Kn’Q goers who come in full gear receive a free raffle ticket! Free entry, $5 drinks all evening.

598A Yonge St – 7pm – 10pm

We’ll be raffling off some great prizes from local artists and businesses this year.  Artists and craftworkers participating in Kn’Q agree to donate a percentage of their sales to Sketch, a Toronto-based outreach organization that uses artistic educational programs to better our community. And just a heads up, all donations AND profits from the sale of alcohol go directly to Sketch – it’s the best reason you’re gonna get to drink on a Saturday night!

Filthy Paws
Maxwell Lander
Paul Argo
Pup Sage
Richard Rhyme

Julio Torres

Centaur Leather
Filthy Paws
Master R’s Dungeon Equipment
Pup Sage

Master Tony – Piercing
Shahrazad IPOL2016 – Clips, Clamps & Clothespins
Jeremy Gould – Rope & Suspension
Sir James – Flogging and tears

Read more about Sketch and what they do here:

Introducing Our New Toronto Puppy Titleholder for 2017

Last week during Toronto Leather Pride, the Toronto Puppy 2017 competition was held.  We’d like to welcome and introduce to you, our new Toronto Puppy 2017 – Pup Snuggles!!


As the new Toronto Puppy Titleholder, the Black Eagle Kennel Klub has made Pup Snuggles an official co-host of Pup Night at the Black Eagle Toronto.  In addition, the BEKK will provide Snuggles with an additional $400.00 travel fund on top of what his official sponsors (Heart Of The Flag Federation) may provide.

Welcome to the pack Snuggles!!!


Pup Night Schedule Change for September & October


The next two Pup Nights at the Black Eagle Toronto will be held on SATURDAY September 17 and SATURDAY October 15 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.

This is to accommodate the RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars 2 viewing parties which will happen on Thursday nights for the next several weeks.

We will return to our regular 2nd Thursday 9:00pm to 11:30pm format starting in November.



Pup Night has been a monthly event at the Black Eagle Toronto for nearly 8 years.  It has always been open to everyone regardless of experience level, sexuality, or gender.

One of the Black Eagle Kennel Klub’s long-term members has been a trans-woman…Ms. Leather Toronto 2015 Luca.  We’ve had a few other trans pups attend and a few cis (straight, bi, and lesbian) females; but our pup moshes have been predominantly male.

The BEKK has made an effort to be inclusive and we’ve reached out to the trans and female communities, but with little success.  After investigating this situation, I’ve discovered there are some major misconceptions out there about our group and event.  I will attempt to address a few of them now:

MISCONCEPTION #1 – Women are unwelcome at the Black Eagle.

This is the one I’ve heard most often.  It is both unfortunate and utterly false.  Many years ago there WAS an employee of the Eagle who repeatedly told women they were not welcome in the bar…which is largely why he’s no longer employed there.  Not only is the Black Eagle Toronto open to the female & trans communities, they have been encouraged to hold their own events in the bar.   Furthermore, for several years there was even a Ms. Black Eagle title contest and the Ms. Leather Toronto contest was resurrected a few years ago (and is still going strong).

MISCONCEPTION #2 – Female pups will get hurt among all the rough-housing.

Over the years, we have seen how some pups do indeed like to rough-house, but many more simply want to play and socialize.  Because of this reality, years ago we began having separate areas in our mosh…one with wrestling mats and one with thinner rubber mats…and we ALWAYS have play monitors.  Rough play is only permitted on the wrestling mats.  When two pups square off, the monitors make sure they stay in the designated area.  Any pups who get too rough in the socializing area are quickly addressed by the monitors.

MISCONCEPTION #3 – Pup Nights are very (male on male) sexual.

Full nudity is indeed allowed (and purely optional) in our pup mosh; but actual sexual play is not permitted nor is non-consensual contact.  Any male pups who want more sexual interaction must leave the pup mosh and go upstairs to the Dark Room.  Females are not allowed in the Dark Room except during special events exclusively for females.  Again, all play is closely monitored and no non-consensual interactions are permitted.  If any pup or spectator isn’t minding their manners they get only ONE warning from the monitors.  Failure to heed that warning will result in the offending individual being expelled from the event and quite possibly banned from the bar.

The Black Eagle Kennel Klub’s #1 Rule has always been “If you can’t play nice, then you can’t play at all.”  I think the fact our group and event have been consistently growing for almost 8 years is a testament to that philosophy.

I hope members of the trans, female, bi, straight, queer, genderqueer, and other communities who are interested in Puppy Play will stop listening to gossip and rumours and instead drop in to one of our events to see for themselves and to get information from the source…us.

We’d love for you all to join in the fun.