Naked Puppy Twister!!

Since February’s Pup Night falls so close to Valentine’s Day (February 11th) the Black Eagle Kennel Klub is doing something special…

Naked Puppy Twister

Puppies will strip down (hoods & paws may be worn) and play Twister to win prizes.  There’s no cost to enter, and any Kennel Klub Member (or their guest) may enter.

Please note that anyone who wishes to participate must first sign a waiver of liability.  No photography will be allowed without the expressed permission of the BEKK executive (Argo, Ego, & Sprocket) AND the expressed permission of EVERYONE who will appear in the photo.  All regular Pup Night rules will apply.

Come out and join the fun…or just watch a bunch of naked puppies crawl all over one another.

Pup Nights always begin at 9:00pm


Pup Night Poster

Pup Night returns to the Black Eagle Toronto on Thursday, 11 February 2016 starting promptly at 9:00pm.

Since this will be our Valentine’s Day event, what says “puppy love” better than NAKED PUPPY TWISTER?  There will be prizes for the pups who come out on top…even if they’re bottom pups.

As usual, your hosts will be the infamous Argo, Toronto Puppy 2013 Pup Ego, Toronto Puppy 2014/15 Pup Sprocket D’Husky, and Toronto Puppy 2015/16 Pup Benny who invite you to join the Black Eagle Kennel Klub for the largest monthly pup event in Canada (and one of the largest such events in the world) – Pup Night at the Black Eagle Toronto.

Established in October of 2008, this event now regularly draws 30 (or more) pups in gear plus a large number of handlers & spectators.

Puppy Play has been rapidly growing in popularity because of it’s free-flowing, physical, and fun nature. It also can incorporate several types of role-play, wrestling, hoods, gear play, and can be used as an element in other scenes.

Come out to watch the pups play in the Eagle’s newly renovated main floor Play Room or upstairs on the patio; or gear up/strip down and join in the fun on the play/socializing mats or fight for dominance on the wrestling mats. Experienced pups will be there to answer your questions, and Argo will be there to keep the beta dogs in line.

After the Pup Mosh we’ll have some VERY hungry pups, so join the pups & handlers for some late-night eats at O’Grady’s Pub, right across the street.

This event is open to all pups, handlers, and spectators regardless of experience, sexual orientation, or gender. It’s a great introduction to animal role-play as well as a fun way to get into domination/submission and control role play.

Extra gear is available to use and Argo & other helpful pups will show you how and where to make or find gear of your own; but keep in mind that gear and clothing are completely optional. (Hooded and masked puppies can be otherwise nude; but unhooded and unmasked puppies will be asked to cover their naughty bits and wear shoes while outside of the Pup Mosh area.)

“Game n’ Gear Night”

Toronto Puppy 2016 Pup Benny presents the return of


Game n’ Gear is a social for pups & pup and gear enthusiasts.

Come in gear and grab a beer!

If you’re new to the scene and feel a little intimidated by other events, this is the perfect opportunity to meet the Toronto pack in a more casual setting. Come say hello! We don’t bite – most of the time.

Come out and have more fun than last time. Not much has changed, as we seem to have nailed it the first time around. This is still a fun night of gaming, socializing, and celebrating our queerisms together over drinks and snacks.

Invite your friends, bring your change, and don’t forget to wear a clean pair of undies!

As before, we’ll have Brawl, Mario Kart, Cards Against Humanity, and Twister tournies, with plenty of other games set up to keep us busy.

So remember, this is a friendly social for folks to come out to, make some new friends, and find out what the Toronto pack is all about. Have fun, be sweet – except while Brawling…or Karting – and please, somebody get naked for Twister again.

All profits from the event will go to Rainbow Railroad

Happening Saturday, 16 January 2016 – starting at 7:00pm until 11:00pm (or later)

Location:  Glad Day Bookshop (3rd floor)


M4Y 1Z3
416 961 4161