Pups After Dark @ Spa Excess – First Anniversary

Pups After Dark - Mar 2016 - HiRes

In March of 2015, Pup Omega started a new puppy event at Spa Excess here in Toronto; and we’re coming up on their first anniversary!!

In their words:

“1 year ago my partner and I wanted to start an event for pups and their handlers that was a little more intimate. We started putting together this AWESOME night, with everything that has happened at these events we are so honoured to celebrate this anniversary with all of you!!!!!

Thank you so much !!!!!!!!!!

Pup Omega and Pup Rusty Archy”

For more details, click on the poster or check out their Facebook event page by clicking here.

Congrats guys, and thanks for creating another great event for the puppy community!!

February’s Pup Night, Naked Puppy Twister & Recent Happenings

February’s Pup Night was a lot of fun, despite the bitterly cold polar temperature that night.

Congratulations to Dar HuskyPup for winning at “Naked Puppy Twister”!!  He beat out 7 other pups to win the $50.00 Northbound Leather gift certificate.  Many thanks to all who participated and especially to the great folks at Northbound for their continuing support.

This past weekend was Toronto Bound Weekend, presented by Heart Of The Flag Federation here in Toronto.  The weekend of events included “Home Turf” night at the Black Eagle hosted by BEKK member and Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2016 Jeremy Feist, workshops, a brunch, and a charity auction which raised $5000.00 for Rainbow Railroad which helps LGBT individuals to escape countries where their life & freedom are in danger.  It was at the auction where our own Toronto Puppy 2016-2017 (and BEKK member) Pup Benny officially received the new Toronto Puppy leather sash.  The sash was made by Northbound Leather and shall be passed on with the title from year to year.

Hopefully, the temperatures will be a bit warmer for our March Pup Night.  There will also be announcements here for other upcoming pup-related events, so keep checking the site for more information.

Woofs & Scritches



It is with some regret that I must make the following announcement:

After many years as a member of the Black Eagle Kennel Klub, Pup Sprocket D’Husky will be taking a break. He has stepped down as a member of the Klub and its executive committee.

I believe Sprocket deserves great thanks for his valuable contributions as both a club executive and as an ambassador of our community as Toronto Puppy 2014/2015. He was an excellent example for the newer pups, created the “Kibbles & Beers” social event (which the Klub will continue), and helped raise funds for both Rainbow Railroad and for the Toronto Puppy Titleholder Travel Fund. He’s earned some time for himself, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who looks forward to when he rejoins the Klub.

Pup Ego and I, as the remaining two BEKK Executive members, have asked Pup Timbehr to step up and become the 3rd Executive…and he has accepted the position. He will help to make sure the BEKK continues to support and promote the Toronto Puppy Community, organize Pup Nights and other pup events, and make sure the funds we raise are used wisely and appropriately.

As always, the input of any pack-member is welcome. The BEKK is for the benefit of the entire pup community.

Please join me in thanking Pup Sprocket for all his great work, and in welcoming Pup Timbehr into his new position.