Pup Night has been a monthly event at the Black Eagle Toronto for nearly 8 years.  It has always been open to everyone regardless of experience level, sexuality, or gender.

One of the Black Eagle Kennel Klub’s long-term members has been a trans-woman…Ms. Leather Toronto 2015 Luca.  We’ve had a few other trans pups attend and a few cis (straight, bi, and lesbian) females; but our pup moshes have been predominantly male.

The BEKK has made an effort to be inclusive and we’ve reached out to the trans and female communities, but with little success.  After investigating this situation, I’ve discovered there are some major misconceptions out there about our group and event.  I will attempt to address a few of them now:

MISCONCEPTION #1 – Women are unwelcome at the Black Eagle.

This is the one I’ve heard most often.  It is both unfortunate and utterly false.  Many years ago there WAS an employee of the Eagle who repeatedly told women they were not welcome in the bar…which is largely why he’s no longer employed there.  Not only is the Black Eagle Toronto open to the female & trans communities, they have been encouraged to hold their own events in the bar.   Furthermore, for several years there was even a Ms. Black Eagle title contest and the Ms. Leather Toronto contest was resurrected a few years ago (and is still going strong).

MISCONCEPTION #2 – Female pups will get hurt among all the rough-housing.

Over the years, we have seen how some pups do indeed like to rough-house, but many more simply want to play and socialize.  Because of this reality, years ago we began having separate areas in our mosh…one with wrestling mats and one with thinner rubber mats…and we ALWAYS have play monitors.  Rough play is only permitted on the wrestling mats.  When two pups square off, the monitors make sure they stay in the designated area.  Any pups who get too rough in the socializing area are quickly addressed by the monitors.

MISCONCEPTION #3 – Pup Nights are very (male on male) sexual.

Full nudity is indeed allowed (and purely optional) in our pup mosh; but actual sexual play is not permitted nor is non-consensual contact.  Any male pups who want more sexual interaction must leave the pup mosh and go upstairs to the Dark Room.  Females are not allowed in the Dark Room except during special events exclusively for females.  Again, all play is closely monitored and no non-consensual interactions are permitted.  If any pup or spectator isn’t minding their manners they get only ONE warning from the monitors.  Failure to heed that warning will result in the offending individual being expelled from the event and quite possibly banned from the bar.

The Black Eagle Kennel Klub’s #1 Rule has always been “If you can’t play nice, then you can’t play at all.”  I think the fact our group and event have been consistently growing for almost 8 years is a testament to that philosophy.

I hope members of the trans, female, bi, straight, queer, genderqueer, and other communities who are interested in Puppy Play will stop listening to gossip and rumours and instead drop in to one of our events to see for themselves and to get information from the source…us.

We’d love for you all to join in the fun.




PACK Weekend Wrap-Up

I’m exhausted, but there’s a big smile on my face, because the first-ever PACK Weekend went off far better than I’d hoped. We sold more weekend VIP Packages than we first expected. We were 7 away from selling out completely!! We had many out-of-town pups attending including pups from Cleveland and Seattle and a carload of pups from Ottawa.

The weekend events all went off without a hitch. The brunch was great. We had 6 pups in the “Best In Show” contest. We brought shoppers and customers into the village. We picked up new sponsors; and we had an opportunity to let new people see how amazing the Toronto community is.

None of this could have happened without a great team. Many thanks to Pup Ego and Jordan Timbehr for helping put the weekend together. Many thanks to our volunteers Ryo Wilpup, Jeremy Feist, Growler, Vlad, John Helps, Xavier Thrace, and Brandon Wallans. Special thanks to Mandom for helping out with the Pup Mosh on Friday.

The Black Eagle Kennel Klub could not exist without The Black Eagle Toronto. They have been our home bar for almost 8 years, and their support has been unwavering and incredible. Many thanks to Carlos, Mike Edward Eagle, Brendon Hyde, Tomo Magami, Frank Mancino, Joe Black, Dominic, and the rest of the staff.

Northbound Leather has also been there right from the beginning and is still our major sponsor. Thank you George Giaouris & Enza Silano for being there for us.

Thank you to Jimmy at O’Grady’s and all his staff for hosting dozens of hungry puppies every month for more than 4 years, for Saturday’s amazing brunch and for sponsoring our contest.

Thanks to Christopher Hudspeth and his staff at Pegasus for opening his doors to the Pup community for the past 3 years and for making special arrangements for us this weekend.

Thanks to Francis and Steve at The Men’s Room for their generous sponsorship of our weekend. We look forward to working together in the future.

Thanks also to Sam and everyone else at Baskin Robbins on Church. Puppies LOVE ice cream, and we plan on some mass feedings there in the coming weeks.

SUPPORT THE BUSINESSES WHO SUPPORT OUR COMMUNITY!!! We have no business asking them for support if we don’t return the gesture. Without our local businesses we won’t have the resources to keep our community so active & vibrant.

Thanks to EVERYONE who participated this weekend (including our Best In Show judges Marco Pea Van, Shahrazad Alchemical-Domina, and Jeremy Feist and our contest winner Pup Doodles). We created this weekend for you, so we’re glad you took advantage of the opportunity to meet some new friends and to have some fun.

Please send me/us your comments and suggestions about the event. Next year, we’re hoping to make it even better!