Puppy Pride Toronto 2017

On June 21st, 2017 the Black Eagle Kennel Klub hosted its annual “Puppy Pride Party” at the Black Eagle Toronto.  This has always been one of our best-attended events and this year saw our highest attendance yet!

The Eagle’s patio was PACKED with pups & handlers.  At one point we counted 67 different pup hoods alone.  Pups & handlers came from Ohio, Michigan, Quebec, Pennsylvania, and from across Ontario.  Downstairs, DJ Alain played retro dance music all night while many pups & handlers “misbehaved” upstairs on the patio and in the Eagle’s “dark room”.

Our special guests included Toronto Puppy 2017 “Pup Snuggles” who presented the new Puppy Pride flag to our community, and the new Montreal Puppy 2017 “Pup Tosa” who brought a carload of Montreal pups with him.  This was Pup Tosa’s 1st official event as the titleholder.

A special surprise was the attendance of Ms. Leather Toronto 2015 and one of the original attendees at our Pup Night – Luca.  She used to be a regular, but I guess she was too rough with the other puppies so she needed to take a break for a few years.  No doubt, it is thanks to her example that the BEKK now sees such a diverse group of pups from every gender & sexual identity at our events.

There were other special presentations that evening as well.  The BEKK was presented with two new flags by John Thompson & Scott Leroux.  These flags will be used as our new club colours.  Also, the generous folks at Northbound Leather donated one of their new leather Pup Masks, which we’ll be adding to the “Best In Show” winner’s prize package at PACK Weekend in July.

As with every year, we took our annual group photo:

MANY thanks to everyone who came out, and especially to the Black Eagle, Northbound Leather, and all our sponsors for their amazing support for this and all of our events for nearly 9 years now!!

Please check out our list of sponsors, and show them the support they’ve so generously shown to the Toronto Puppy Community.