pack 2017 weekend round-up

Looks like we’ll be wrapping up the final PACK 2017 Weekend event soon. I finally have a chance to sit down, breathe, and reflect upon what appeared to have been an incredibly successful event.

This year’s attendance was 50% above last year’s. We had more events, and thanks to our amazing sponsors our weekend package was less expensive than last year.

We had 6 brave pups compete in Saturday’s “Best In Show” contest in front of a remarkably large & enthusiastic crowd.  We had some fun displays of talent including one pup who sang live.  Congratulations to Pup Tosa from Montreal for claiming the blue ribbon!

Our “Best In Show” Contest Judges: (L to R) Luca, Snuggles, Doodle, and Randy

We added a new Sunday event – the “Wet Dog” party and “Bad Dog”-style intimate pup mosh. Since so many pups & handlers came from out of town, we didn’t expect such an amazing turnout. When I asked the crowd “Should we do this again next year?” their response was a resounding “YES!!”

There are many people I want to thank:

First of all – my fellow Black Eagle Kennel Klub executives Jordan Timbehr and Pup Ego.   Events like this take a LOT of work, and you two pups have been outstanding. I hope you pups also managed to have some fun in there.

Many thanks to our amazing volunteers! I don’t want to list you because I’m afraid I might miss one of you. Just know that I see what you do for the BEKK and your packmates, and I appreciate it.

While I’m on the subject of packmates – let’s talk about the BEKK itself and the Toronto Pup & Handler community. I can’t believe how amazing this community is. When we all keep hearing about the demise of “community” everywhere, ours keeps growing bigger and stronger. It makes me incredibly happy to see how we’ve come together for one another. THIS is what makes all the effort worthwhile!

Of course, I must thank our outstanding sponsors: The Black Eagle Toronto, Northbound Leather, The Men’s Room, O’Grady’s & The Lodge, Pegasus on Church, MyDogTag, and Baskin Robbins in the Village. Without their support we couldn’t do what we do. Without ours, neither can they…so PLEASE show our sponsors the love they continue to show us!

I also want to thank all the pups & handlers who attended PACK 2017 Weekend…especially those of you who traveled here from out of town. I hope you had a good time and felt that the trip was worth it.

On a personal note, I must thank my own pup and life-partner Jeremy Feist for his support and patience. As I’d stated, putting events like PACK together take a lot of work. Imagine having to live with ME through not only this, but year-round needing to share your partner with 300+ other puppies. He’s an exceptional young man, and the most important thing in the world to me. Thanks baby. I love you.

In less than an hour PACK 2017 Weekend will be one for our pack’s history. I think it’s pretty safe to say it’ll be one of the happier memories, and look forward to (someone else) organizing PACK 2018.

Your pack is your family…and we have a good one here. Please let’s keep it this way for as long as we can; and always keep this thought in your head & heart: “It’s not MY community. It’s OUR community.”

Love, hugs, and puppy humps…

Big Dog Argo