Our monthly Saturday event now begins at 7:00pm and wraps up at 9:30pm.  This means that our garment check will also close at 9:30.  Please note that the pup mosh will begin shutting down around 9:15 because we must be out of the room without a trace by 9:30pm in order to make way for another event.



Event Poster

Bad Dogs need to be controlled at the dog park because they often want to fight and mount the other dogs…but now they can run wild at the Black Eagle Toronto once a month!

With the great success of Pup Nights, the Black Eagle Kennel Klub is very happy to present an alternative pup event: Bad Dog! Bad Dog is not your typical pup mosh event. It’s a night of full-contact puppy play. Pups will be given room to wrestle PLUS a semi-private space where full nudity and some sexual play will be allowed.

If you’re interested in pup wrestling and/or sexualized fully nude puppy play then you might be a bad dog. In that case, this night is for you!


The entire bar will be a clothing-optional sex-positive space. Essentially, anything goes as long as it’s CONSENSUAL & it doesn’t result in the spilling of blood or poop. The bar only asks that any sex acts take place in the back bar area (where we do our moshes) or upstairs…essentially just not in front of the main bar or front door. There will be a garment check, so nothing should be left anyplace else. This is for your own safety & security, as the bar & the BEKK will not accept responsibility for any items not checked and because bags & coats left on the floor create a tripping hazard.

As with any other event, shoes MUST be worn when not on the mosh or wrestling mats. Anyone who must be repeatedly reminded of this will be asked to leave. It is common to find shards of broken glass on the floor (it IS a bar, after all) and this rule is for your own safety. The wrestling area will be monitored for safety. Sexual/mosh play will also be monitored (primarily by bar security, but to a lesser degree also by Argo).
We’re all adults, so please behave as such. Remember that CONSENT is kink’s Cardinal Rule. ANYONE who violates that rule will be ejected from the event. Please remember that our club’s #1 rule is “If you can’t play nicely then you can’t play at all.” Also remember that Pup Ego Jordan Timbehr & Argo have the authority to have troublemakers ejected from any of our events, and that Argo also has the authority to PERMANENTLY ban offenders from both the BEKK and any of our events at the Eagle.
Come out, and let your BAD DOG loose to play!