Puppy Play Rules

ANYONE who violates these rules will be removed from the event and possibly ejected from the bar. ¬†Repeat offenders will be barred from the event and possibly from the bar…permanently.

  1. If you can’t play nice, then you can’t play at all.

2. DO NOT INTRUDE UPON ANY PLAY SCENE INTO WHICH YOU HAVE NOT BEEN INVITED! All play and interaction (including photography) between pups, handlers, and bar patrons must be done only after clearly expressed consent and negotiation.

3. Anyone wishing to participate in Puppy Play (including handlers) must first sign a waiver of liability.

4. Pups must wear soft footwear (wrestling boots, slippers, or socks/stockings) or play barefoot in the pup mosh; but shoes MUST be worn when not on the mats. Hard-soled footwear must not be worn in the pup mosh as it can injure other pups.

5. Spikes on pup gear must be no longer than 6.5mm (1/4″) and must not have sharp points.

6. The use of protective gear (knee & elbow pads, mouth guards, padded mitts, etc.) is STRONGLY recommended.

7. All rough-housing must be done on the wrestling mats.  When two pups are wrestling, all other pups must move to the socializing area.

8. Chew toys must be washed before they are given to pups. Toys should not be shared mouth to mouth.

9. “Tug Of War” play should be done with extreme caution due to the high risk of dental damage.

10. No food or drinks (other than water) are allowed on the wrestling mats.

11. All jewelry should be removed before engaging in play. Non-removeable piercings and gear buckles should be covered with clothing, tape, or bandages to prevent injury.

12. Padlocks may only be used on pup equipment if the pup will not be rough-housing with others OR if the locks are sufficiently wrapped that they will not potentially cause injury to others.

13. Anally inserted puppy tails must not be removed or manipulated during play (Pups don’t like having their tails pulled). Individuals choosing to wear such gear should exercise the proper hygienic preparations before using them and make sure they are securely inserted.

14. HAVE FUN!!!!!