About Us

The Black Eagle Kennel Klub is group designed for people who enjoy Puppy Play, welcoming all Pups and Handlers who want to join us for Pup Nights at The Black Eagle Toronto

How It All Began



Pup Night at the Black Eagle Toronto started in October of 2008 as the idea of Sir Dart. With his faithful (if not terribly obedient) dog Argo at his side, Sir Dart created a space for all people interested in puppy play (regardless of gender or sexuality) to socialize, learn, and feel like they belonged.  What started with one handler and one pup has since grown into Canada’s largest monthly puppy event and one of the largest of its kind in the world.

Pup Night PosterIn March of 2010 (after Sir Dart moved back to the USA…<whine>) Argo formed The Black Eagle Kennel Klub.  The group was designed to create a safe & accessible physical and online forum for people interested in puppy play who might want to ease into the community before diving head-first into a Pup Night.

Where We Are Today

The group now has roughly 300 members on Facebook alone.  Thanks in no small part to this group, the BEKK manages to fill the Black Eagle on Pup Nights and regularly draws dozens of pups & handlers to our other social events.

The BEKK had the support of Northbound Leather and the Black Eagle Toronto pretty much from Day #1.  O’Grady’s Pub began hosting our group at a monthly post-mosh munch in 2012, and Pegasus on Church began hosting events for Pup Ego during his title year in 2013.  Later, The Men’s Room, MyDogtag.com, and Baskin Robbins in the Village joined our list of sponsors.

With all this support, we  began issuing BEKK membership cards, which entitle members to a 15% discount at Northbound Leather (on Northbound-manufactured products when they shop in person) and at The Men’s Room, plus it gives them “front of line” privileges at the Black Eagle Toronto for our events.

Membership in the Black Eagle Kennel Klub is free.  We are not designed to generate a profit.  We don’t charge admission to our regular events; and all funds collected from our garment & coat check and fundraising are used only to support BEKK activities/events and the Toronto Puppy titleholder (unless the current titleholder is doing an event for his/her charity).

You must be an ACTIVE member of the club in order to receive a membership card (In other words, you have to physically show up and participate.  Cards will not be mailed or randomly handed out) but there are no membership fees or dues.

Our Pup Night happens on the 3rd Saturday of each month, from 7:00pm until about 9:30pm at the Black Eagle Toronto.  Our event regularly draws 30 to 55 pups in gear plus a large number of handlers & spectators.

With the large crowds our Pup Nights now draw, our members requested another, more intimate, event.  In response, we now also have our monthly BAD DOG event on the 4th Thursday of each month from 8:00pm to midnight at the Black Eagle.  Designed as more of a sexual & physical event, this evening has also been drawing around 30 pups every month.

The BEKK works in association with other groups & events in the Greater Toronto Area.  We were instrumental in helping The Heart Of The Flag Federation create the Toronto Puppy Contest (which we continue to support) and we are proud to boast that ALL of the Toronto Puppy Titleholders (as well as all but two of their Toronto Puppy Contestants since 2013) have been BEKK members.

The Kennel Klub has strongly supported the Toronto Puppy titleholders with fundraising opportunities, event organization & attendance, and even financial support. The BEKK has also encouraged its members to create and support new pup & handler events.  Thanks to events like Pup Ego’s “Sticks & Balls” at Pegasus on Church, Pup Sprocket’s “Kibbles & Beers” at O’Grady’s and other restaurants in the Church-Wellesley Village,  Pup Benny’s “Games & Gear Night” at the Glad Day Bookstore, and other Pup-related events hosted by Pup Snuggles – Toronto’s Pup Community has become one of the strongest, friendliest, and most vibrant in the world.


In the future, we plan on creating even MORE events for the pup & handler community…including an entire weekend of fun social events (see P.A.C.K. Weekend for more info)…designed to bring out more people from the GTA and Southern Ontario, and to bring in pups & handlers from the rest of the world.