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Congratulations to Pup Dane – IPC 2017 Winner

Last weekend Montreal Puppy 2016 Pup Dane became the new IPC 2017 International Puppy titleholder!!  We wish him the best of luck for his upcoming title year, and hope to see more of him here in Toronto.

We’re also incredibly happy that with his new title and the recently elected Montreal Puppy 2017 Pup Tosa, they can work together to make the Montreal puppy community even bigger, stronger, and more active.

Our own Toronto Puppy 2017 Pup Snuggles also did incredibly well placing 3rd and we’re all very proud of our pack-mate.  We look forward to his continued presence at BEKK events and look forward to supporting his events for HOTFF.


PACK Weekend Packages are 50% Sold!!

We’re still more than 2 weeks away from PACK Weekend and yet we’ve already sold half of our limited number of Weekend VIP Packages!!!

Once they’re gone – that’s it!  There won’t be any more, and you’ll have missed out on the souvenir dog tag, participation in the Best In Show contest (as both a contestant or a voter), and special discounts at Northbound Leather, The Men’s Room, and O’Grady’s Pub.  You’ll also need to pay for all garment checks and event admissions.

Don’t wait!  Get yours today for $27+HST ($22 + tax for US$) at or drop into Northbound’s shop.  If any remain on July 28th Registration Day then the price goes up to $40 ($30 USD)

Puppy Pride Toronto 2017

On June 21st, 2017 the Black Eagle Kennel Klub hosted its annual “Puppy Pride Party” at the Black Eagle Toronto.  This has always been one of our best-attended events and this year saw our highest attendance yet!

The Eagle’s patio was PACKED with pups & handlers.  At one point we counted 67 different pup hoods alone.  Pups & handlers came from Ohio, Michigan, Quebec, Pennsylvania, and from across Ontario.  Downstairs, DJ Alain played retro dance music all night while many pups & handlers “misbehaved” upstairs on the patio and in the Eagle’s “dark room”.

Our special guests included Toronto Puppy 2017 “Pup Snuggles” who presented the new Puppy Pride flag to our community, and the new Montreal Puppy 2017 “Pup Tosa” who brought a carload of Montreal pups with him.  This was Pup Tosa’s 1st official event as the titleholder.

A special surprise was the attendance of Ms. Leather Toronto 2015 and one of the original attendees at our Pup Night – Luca.  She used to be a regular, but I guess she was too rough with the other puppies so she needed to take a break for a few years.  No doubt, it is thanks to her example that the BEKK now sees such a diverse group of pups from every gender & sexual identity at our events.

There were other special presentations that evening as well.  The BEKK was presented with two new flags by John Thompson & Scott Leroux.  These flags will be used as our new club colours.  Also, the generous folks at Northbound Leather donated one of their new leather Pup Masks, which we’ll be adding to the “Best In Show” winner’s prize package at PACK Weekend in July.

As with every year, we took our annual group photo:

MANY thanks to everyone who came out, and especially to the Black Eagle, Northbound Leather, and all our sponsors for their amazing support for this and all of our events for nearly 9 years now!!

Please check out our list of sponsors, and show them the support they’ve so generously shown to the Toronto Puppy Community.

Thanks for your support

The Black Eagle Kennel Klub’s list of sponsors keeps growing!!

MANY thanks to our sponsors…and to our community & volunteers who help keep the BEKK something worth supporting!

New PACK Weekend Information

The Black Eagle Kennel Klub is happy to announce the schedule of events for the 2017 Pan American Canine Konvention (PACK) Weekend happening July 28 to 30.

Friday 28 July 2017

7:00pm to 2:00am   Registration, Pup Mosh, and Puppy Dance Party at the Black Eagle Toronto.  Clothing check ($5.00) &  “front of the line” privilege are included with purchase of Weekend Package.  DJ to be announced.  No admission charge.

Saturday 29 July 2017  

11:00am to 1:00pm  Pup & Handler Brunch at O’Grady’s ($15.00 or included with purchase of weekend package).  Includes food, coffee, tea, regular fountain drinks, taxes, and gratuity.  Does not include juices or alcohol drinks.

1:30pm to 5:00pm  Puppy Play Time (unlimited video games & pool) at Pegasus on Church ($5.00 or included with purchase of weekend package)

6:30pm to 7:00pm  Cocktails & “Best In Show” contest registration at The Black Eagle Toronto.  No admission charge.  *Only weekend package purchasers may enter or vote in the contest.*  Garment check $5.00 (or included with purchase of weekend package)

7:00pm to 9:00pm  “Best In Show” contest at the Black Eagle

10:00pm to 2:00am  “Sin” dance party at the Black Eagle  ($10.00 admission if PACK attendees leave the Eagle after the “Best In Show” contest and wish to re-enter) PLEASE NOTE that this is a men-only dance party run by another group.

Sunday 30 July 2017

9:00am to 3:00pm  Survivor Brunch at O’Grady’s – $5.00 off menu food items (coupon included in weekend package)

12:00 noon to 5:00pm Shopping specials & discounts at The Men’s Room and Northbound Leather exclusively for PACK Weekend Package purchasers.

1:00pm to 3:00pm Private Puppy Party at the Black Eagle.  Enjoy cocktails (cash bar) and a water-pistol fight on the patio, or a quiet “no wrestling” pup mosh downstairs. ($10.00 for admission, water pistol, and clothing check or included with purchase of weekend package)

3:00pm to 8:00pm  Black Eagle BBQ ($5.00 clothing check or included with purchase of weekend package).  Food items available for purchase.

Our “Best In Show” contest is a purely “for fun” contest where contestants will be allowed to strut their stuff and possibly win some great prizes. This is NOT a “Title” contest. We’re not looking for a titleholder or community representative. We’re looking for the most adorable, talented, or fun puppy at our event.

Each contestant will get 5 minutes on stage to do anything (legal) they want. No mandatory speeches, interviews, gear, or pop questions. Just do your thing and have fun. There will be a panel of  judges who will each give you a score out of 25.

Once every contestant has had their 5 minutes on stage, they will have 15 minutes to collect as many ballots from Weekend Package holders as they can. Barking, growling, humping, pawing, or whining…whatever you need to do to get those ballots. At the end of the 15 minutes, the number of ballots collected by each contestant will be counted towards their final score.

The puppy with the highest score will be declared the winner, and will receive some cool prizes.

“Best In Show” Winner gets a Blue Leather Ribbon, a leather puppy mask & $100 gift certificate from Northbound Leather, a $100 gift certificate from The Men’s Room, a $50 gift certificate from O’Grady’s, a $15 gift certificate from Baskin Robbins on Church Street, and a leather harness & t-shirt from the Black Eagle Toronto (total value $700)

1st Runner-Up gets a Red Leather Ribbon & $50 gift certificate from Northbound Leather, a $50 gift certificate from The Men’s Room, a $10 gift certificate from Baskin Robbins on Church Street, and leather gauntlets & t-shirt from the Black Eagle Toronto (total value $250)

2nd Runner-Up gets a White Leather Ribbon & $50 gift certificate from Northbound Leather, a $50 gift certificate from The Men’s Room, a $5 gift certificate from Baskin Robbins on Church Street, and a leather cock harness & t-shirt from the Black Eagle Toronto (total value $220)

Every contestant will receive a Black Eagle T-shirt for entering, and additional prizes are possible.

Please note that the number of contestants will be limited to a maximum of 8 and only Weekend Package purchasers will be eligible to enter or vote. In the event we have more applicants than contestant spaces, contestants will be selected by a random drawing.

As with ALL Black Eagle Kennel Klub events, this weekend is open to all pups & handlers regardless of gender, sexuality, or experience level.  (The only exception this weekend being the Sin dance party as it is not our event.)

The Black Eagle Kennel Klub goes to great lengths to keep our events as low-cost as possible. This year’s Event Package costs $27 + HST (CDN$) in advance or $40 CDN on registration day.   Packages will be available starting June 21st at Northbound Leather and online at

Come join the fun…and watch this page for updates!!!


The Black Eagle Kennel Klub is VERY happy to welcome a new sponsor!!! specializes in custom stamped & laser-printed dog tags and other products…many of which are tailored specifically for the Fetish Community.

They will be a major sponsor for the 2017 PACK Weekend (July 28 to 30) and we encourage you to check out their website HERE for their complete range of products and services.

GAYSTATION @ The Black Eagle Toronto (Pup Edition)

Starting May 2nd, the first Tuesday of every month will be a special “Pup Edition” of the Black Eagle Toronto’s “GAYSTATION” video game night on the big video screen hosted by Brendan James McGovern.

Come out in your pup hoods & play with our joysticks and paddles. With two PS4s, a Nintendo Wii, and NES Classic, there are more games to choose from than ever. Starts at 8:00pm and there’s no cover charge.

$5 Budweiser & Bud Light draught special, and day prices all night! Happy gaming

New Pup Event – “BAD DOG”

Event Poster

Bad Dogs need to be controlled at the dog park because they often want to fight and mount the other dogs…but now they can run wild at the Black Eagle Toronto once a month!

With the great success of Pup Nights, the Black Eagle Kennel Klub is very happy to present an alternative pup event: Bad Dog!

Bad Dog is not your typical pup mosh event. It’s a night of full-contact puppy play. Pups will be given room to wrestle PLUS a semi-private space where full nudity and some sexual play will be allowed.

If you’re interested in pup wrestling and/or sexualized fully nude puppy play then you might be a bad dog. In that case, this night is for you!

For more information, click on our EVENTS tab.

Pup Night News

Pup Nights at the Black Eagle Toronto have been ROCKING!!!

We had 55 pups in gear + a packed bar in January…46 pups + a packed bar in February.

The next Pup Night happens on the same weekend as Furnal Equinox (a big Furry convention) in March.  April’s Pup Night happens during Easter Weekend.  We expect both those nights to be busy as well.

We expected that moving Pup Night to a Saturday might attract more out of town pups & handlers…and we were right.  We’re now getting participants from as far away as Montreal, Detroit, Rochester, and many places in-between.

Sadly, one reason we’re getting pups & handlers from Ottawa is because Ruff & Tumble has lost their home bar.  The Centretown Pub is now closed.  In order to help them out (as well as to help out any other out-of-town pups & handlers who may need it) the Black Eagle Kennel Klub is asking its members to make it known should they be able to provide a spare bed, couch, air mattress, or parking space for an out-of-town pup or handler.

Remember, we all gather because we love what we do; so let’s do whatever we can to help our out-of-town comrades join us in fun and fellowship.