The First-Ever UK Puppy Contest!

The first-ever UK Puppy Contest is happening on Saturday 21 November 2015 at Boltz Nightclub in Birmingham, England.  Events start at 2:00pm.

The contest is very different from the Toronto Puppy Contest in that there is an agility course and a talent portion to the competition.

Our own Pack Leader Argo will be judging this event.

If you’re from the UK and are interested in the contest, then please contact Argo at for more information.

Pup Night at the Black Eagle Toronto

The next Pup Night happens starting at 9:00pm at the Black Eagle Toronto on Thursday 12 November 2015!

Join us on the wrestling mats or socializing mats, or just come out for a few drinks to hang out with the pups and handlers.

Around 11:45 a group of us will head across the street to O’Grady’s for some late night eats.  We usually have a group of 20 or more, so please sign up on the reservation list before 10:30pm.

See you there!!


Pup Sprocket has won two free tickets for the big Northbound Leather Fetish & Fashion event “CHAKRA” happening on October 24th at the Phoenix Concert Theatre here in Toronto.

If you’d like more information about the event, then click HERE

Look for our own Toronto Puppy 2015/2016 Pup Benny on stage.  Pup Bailey & Pup Boo will be helping out backstage.  Toronto Puppy 2013 Pup Ego will be helping out with the production of the show; and yours truly will be directing from the control centre.

Hope to see you there!


Pup Night at the Black Eagle Toronto’s 7th Anniversary Party

On Thursday, October 8th,  Pup Night at the Black Eagle Toronto celebrated its 7th Anniversary. The bar was PACKED!!!

We had puppies, handlers, and spectators from as far away as Ottawa and the UK. Thanks to another big event in the city this weekend (Unholy Harvest) we also had spectators from across the USA join us.

It’s still difficult for me to believe that what started with one handler & pup (Dart & Argo) has grown into one of the largest monthly pup events in the world, and one of the busiest nights of the month for the Eagle.

MANY thanks to the Black Eagle Toronto, Northbound Leather, O’Grady’s, and Pegasus for all their support. A big thanks to Toronto Puppy Titleholders Pup Ego & Sprocket D’Husky for helping me steer the Black Eagle Kennel Klub; to Mandom Akecheta and Scott Bukovac for always helping out at Pup Nights; to Toronto Puppy 2016 Benny for his help last night; to the staff at the Black Eagle (especially Brendon Hyde, Tomo Magami, and Brendan James McGovern) for putting up with all the craziness; and a HUGE thanks to my pups…the members of the BEKK…and their handlers for coming out, supporting our events and one another, and for keeping Pup Nights as fun & drama-free as anyone could hope, for so many years.




(Originally posted 11 August 2015 on Facebook)

Congratulations to our own Pup Benny  for winning the title of Toronto Puppy 2016!

Following in the outstanding paw prints of Toronto Puppy 2013 Pup Ego and Toronto Puppy 2014/15 Pup Sprocket, he will become an official co-host of Pup Night for his title year. He will also be creating and hosting his own events, which the Black Eagle Kennel Klub will support (as long as he continues to be the good puppy that he’s always been, of course.)

Speaking of support – as the new Toronto Puppy, the Black Eagle Kennel Klub has pledged $400.00 to help offset some of Benny’s travel expenses related to his title year. Hopefully we can help him attend pup events in other cities to support their community and to promote ours.

Let’s all get behind our new titleholder as we did for our first two…because getting behind another puppy is the first step in humping it.



Puppy Gear at Northbound Leather

People have asked me where I got my hood and paws.  Virtually all my gear came from Northbound Leather.

They have a wide assortment of puppy play gear, plus their shop can make pretty much anything you can imagine.  My own hood is a custom creation.  They even let me select the leather I wanted from their factory inventory.

Here are a few of their more popular items.  You’ll be surprised at how inexpensive their hoods are, PLUS active BEKK members receive a 15% discount when they present their membership card in the store!

Puppy Hoods

Jock with tail

Padded paws

Locking puppy mitts

Puppy cock ring

Northbound also has a wide assortment of body suits, singlets, and puppy tails available in their store or available for custom creation.

Check them out at 7 St. Nicholas Street (the old back entrance they used to use), Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4Y 1W5 or by visiting

Happy Shopping!!



This Thursday (October 8, 2015) the BEKK celebrates 7 years of Pup Nights at the Black Eagle Toronto.  There will be our regular pup mosh, along with prize draws.  Pups in gear will each get one free raffle ticket.

Check out our Events page for all the details!!


Welcome to the Black Eagle Kennel Klub’s Official Website!

The Black Eagle Kennel Klub, founded in October of 2008, is group designed for people who enjoy Puppy Play, welcoming all Pups and Handlers who want to join us for

Pup Nights


The Black Eagle Toronto

Pup night mar12 jpeg

Our Pup Night happens on the 2nd Thursday of each month, from 9:00pm until about 11:30pm.  Our event regularly draws 30 (or more) pups in gear plus a large number of handlers & spectators.

Puppy Play has been rapidly growing in popularity because of it’s free-flowing, physical, and fun nature. It also can incorporate several types of role-play, wrestling, hoods, gear play, and can be used as an element in other scenes.

Come out to watch the pups play in the Eagle’s newly renovated main floor Play Room or (weather permitting) upstairs on the patio; or gear up/strip down and join in the fun on the play/socializing mats or fight for dominance on the wrestling mats. Experienced pups will be there to answer your questions, and Argo will be there to keep the beta dogs in line.

Our events are open to all pups, handlers, and spectators regardless of experience, sexual orientation, or gender. It’s a great introduction to animal role-play as well as a fun way to get into domination/submission and control role play.

Extra gear is available to use and Argo & other helpful pups will show you how and where to make or find gear of your own; but keep in mind that gear and clothing are completely optional. (Hooded and masked puppies can be otherwise nude; but unhooded and unmasked puppies will be asked to cover their naughty bits and wear shoes while on the outdoor patio or outside of the Pup Mosh area.)